Sunday, 11 October 2015


Göbeklitepe Notes

"I don’t know why art is necessary – only that it is. All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too."
Brian Sewell Art Critic, Sunday 04 April 2010
.... having been asked by Ned why art might be important. An ancient site has been unearthed in southern Turkey on the Syrian border. What? Why? How? I do not know the answers, but am curious to know and use art to explore and highlight this potential game changer.

Göbeklitepe Study 01
50cm x 70cm
This I Am

Imagining the energy rather than just the visual reality. Inspired by Kirlian Technology; photography of the electrical discharge from an object:

Göbeklitepe Study 02
50cm x 70cm
This I Am Too

Perhaps a slightly more visually realistic portrayal.

Göbeklitepe Study 03
50cm x 70
Schmidt Directs

Klaus Schmidt was the German archaeologist and pre-historian who led excavations at Göbekli Tepe from 1996 to 2014:
Ancient Göbeklitepe pioneer Schmidt passes away:

Göbeklitepe Study 04
70cm x 50cm
Pictures Of The Past

T-shaped pillars form the circular patterns at the site. Shapes, motifs, human and animal figures are portrayed on the surfaces of the various pillars.

Göbeklitepe Study 05
50cm x 70cm
Pot Belly Landscape

The site was an undisturbed gentle 'pot belly' hill top; as per the landscape depicted here.

Gobekli Study 06
70cm x 50cm
Gobeklitepe Gatherer

On a visit 25 April 2015 women were collecting a plant crop immediately about the Göbeklitepe site. Now the site has been discovered, for how much longer will women harvest and collect as they supposedly have done so for generations?

Göbeklitepe Study 07
70cm x 50cm
Sketching Göbeklitepe

On my visit to the site, there were groups of students by the coach load sketching the unearthed stones.

Göbeklitepe Study 08
62cm x 92cm
Göbeklitepe Under Cover

Today the main site is covered. I guess necessary to prevent erosion, but also a bit sad. I recall author Graham Hancock expressing his near shock upon first seeing the site covered. It would be interesting to see the site in all its open glory.

Göbeklitepe Study 09
70cm x 50cm
Kirlian Colour Field-01

This painting is inspired by the technique of Kirlian photography whereby electrical discharge is portrayed by various light tones of the colour spectrum:

Göbeklitepe Study 10
50cm x 70cm
Kirlian Colour Field-02

Front detail on one of the main T-shape pillars.

Göbeklitepe Study 11
70cm x 50cm
Kirlian Colour Field-03

More animal and bird motifs upon the T-shape pillars.

Göbeklitepe Study 12
62cm x 42cm
Uncovered Discovered

I felt a tad sorry for this uncovered and apparently bondaged T-shape upright. It looks captured. Wooden and metal beams and rods hold the pillar in place now the supporting earth has been removed.

Göbeklitepe Study 13
62cm x 92cm
Where In Time

More Kirlian imagination. Thus far the site has been dated to approximately 12,000 years old, but does anyone really know for sure? This image perhaps suspends the site in time and space.

Göbeklitepe Study 14
50cm x 70cm
Broken Plough

One story suggests a farmer broke his plough on one of Göbeklitepe's stone pillars just below the earth's surface leading to further uncovering and discovery.

Göbeklitepe Study 15
70cm x 50cm
Anger Is An Energy

The figure on this pillar looks angry, so it's in angry fire red.

Göbeklitepe Study 16
70cm x 50cm
Something Funny On My Tummy

I envision the pillars have personal and facial character.

Göbeklitepe Study 17
50cm x 70cm
Göbekli Pow Wow

It is suggested the central circle enclosures at Göbeklitepe were flooded with liquid. The pillars arranged around the perimeter remind me of a gathered tribe, perhaps smoking a peace pipe while discussing issues or relaying stories in the style of an American Indian pow-wow.

Göbeklitepe Study 18
70cm x 50cm
Göbekli Poppies

Upon my visit red poppies were scattered about the site intermittently.

Göbeklitepe Study 19
70cm x 50cm
Göbekli Na-Nu Na-Nu Shazbot

A figure found at Göbeklitepe now on display at Şanliurfa museum. Mork and Mindy came to mind for some reason. The Mork character in the US TV series was an extraterrestrial who came to Earth from the planet Ork in a small, one-Orkan egg-shaped spaceship. His catch phrase was Na-Nu Na-Nu Shazbot, hence my title:

Göbeklitepe Study 20
70cm x 50cm
Long Barrow Giant True Or False

Things dug up from the past. This is an alleged giant from Long Barrow, Ireland. Was it authentic or a hoax?
Let your imagination run wild: giants might have been useful in creating monolithic structures such as Göbeklitepe or Stonehenge. Giants are mentioned in religious books. There are accounts of giant skeletons being found and allegedly removed and hidden by for example the Smithsonian Institution. Historical and archaeological finds have been chronicled and published by e.g. Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race 1993 by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson:

Conventional wisdom dismisses such ideas while an 'alternative' circuit of researchers and academics continue to probe the issue. Göbeklitepe is seen as a game changer in the re-evaluation of human time line and history. It is not just a Turkish domestic story , but a catalyst to international review and contemplation. The existence of giants is considered mythical, but what if there were such beings? It surely makes sense to at least be open minded to such contemplations, examinations and questions.
Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900’s:

Göbeklitepe Study 21
70cm x 27cm
Plasma Discharge

Since Göbeklitepe is a catalyst to ancient megalithic and monolithic structures around the world, it can encompass the study and awareness of rock art. Rock art figures portrayed with circles or dots alongside the mid-rift are found globally. It is suggested they resemble plasma discharge patterns and indicate our ancestors were conscious of our electric-magnetic universe, an idea written about by David Talbott: The Electric Universe:

Göbeklitepe Study 22
100cm x 70cm
Blood Water Or Organic Light

If the inner circle enclosures were flooded, with what might they have been flooded? Water would seem to be an obvious choice; bathing, cleansing... we'd like to think it was not blood, a rather more macabre idea. What else? John Lamb Lash writes about the Nag Hammadi texts and organic light. What if our ancestors were more engaged with consciousness awareness and energy and engaged organic light, described by Lash s a milky white? I am merely contemplating possibilities:
"Within the Pleroma dwell the aggregate of cosmic gods, energy waves of the galactic dimension. They circulate around the core, massive currents of living luminosity thriving with sound, odor, even taste. Their form is a serpentine, torrential streaming, their substance, a nougat-like mass of self-generating luminosity. These Pleromic currents receive the singularity of pure potential from the Originator and spin it into expression. They convert the formless seed of originality into a standing wave design that can eventually appear in space, time, and matter beyond the galactic core."

Göbeklitepe Study 23
70cm x 50cm
The Hollow Plasma Sun

Ancient sites seem to be aligned with the sky; the stars and planets. I love the idea of the sun perhaps being a hollow ball surrounded by a plasma layer:
Eric Dollard - The Sun Is Hollow & Interdimensional!
Of course the Oxbridge lvy League mob may laugh... let them!
Our hollow sun the converter / Santos Bonacci and James Swagger:
It seems sun spot activity directs climate change on earth, though Al Gore & co insist it is man made carbon emissions.
"I also want to point out that this term eco fascism, which is a very good term, is the false plea to Gaia and save the earth. Al Gore, Maurice Strong and all those people are accessory to this madness in their own way and they are promoting a complete hoax..."
says John Lamb Lash.
Was there a global catastrophe induced by inter-stella activity, including flooding on a colossal scale about 12,000 years ago? Did Göbeklitepe exist before or after? There was a sun dial at the entrance to Harran University, close to the Göbeklitepe site... so, the sun is a significant image for Göbeklitepe ans all ancient sites.

Göbeklitepe Study 24
100cm x 70cm
Past Present Future

A mixture of ancient world sites: the. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt - Stonehenge, UK - figures at Easter Island - Machu Picchu, Peru - standing stones on the Orkney Iles, Scotland - Carnac France - the Avebury Ring UK - the Bosnian pyramid - the pyramid at Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - and our Göbeklitepe...

Göbeklitepe Study 25
70cm x 50cm
Plans of the Göbeklitepe site....
Temple B: The Supreme Ruler's Solar Year

Göbeklitepe circle / Temple B:

Göbeklitepe Study 26
70cm x 50cm
Circles A, B, C, D

Göbeklitepe Study 27
70cm x 50cm

An image that came to mind. A stomach; a paunchy pot-bellied stomach; a pot-bellied hill and the T-shape monolithic stones emerging on top.

Göbeklitepe Study 28
18cm x 13cm
Plasma Figure-01

Göbeklitepe Study 29
18cm x 13cm
Plasma Figure-02

Göbeklitepe Study 30
18cm x 13cm
Plasma Figure-03

More plasma figures. The middle one is from Göbeklitepe.

Göbeklitepe Study 31
70cm x 50cm
The Georgia Guide Stones

A modern day monolithic obelisk structure made of granite erected 1980; inscribed with 10 guidelines for the human race in 8 languages, plus a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts: Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs... US radio host Alex Jones of Infowars says Ted Turner produced the Guidestones.
Guideline 1 is "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." Hmmm, this implies a world population reduction and perhaps a dark and gloomy undertone. Mystery continues to surround who and why this was constructed.

Göbeklitepe Study 32
100cm x 66cm
Harran University

This is said to be the site of the world's first university and close to Göbeklitepe.
A random blog: Harran of the Sabians:

Göbeklitepe Study 33
100cm x 62cm
Which Came First - Oil Or The Egg?

The Noah story and Göbeklitepe: There was allegedly a Great Flood or catastrophe which affected human life on earth, but which came first? The Ark or Gobeklitepe? The fossil or the fuel? Oil or the egg? Why are fossil fuels called fossil fuels? Anything to do with an 1892 conference on organic substances whereby J.D. Rockefeller sent his 'scientists' to ensure oil's components, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, defined it officially as qualifying as an organic substance? Science or magic and deception?! If oil is produced from dinosaurs, we must assume the egg came before oil... must we not? What is time? Are there different time lines? Do we perceive different time lines? A similar flood and or catastrophe story is told from different parts of the world... the Sumerian tablets tell of a huge ship built to avoid the coming flood and to take aboard 'beast and birds'; a 'Noah' character and story is replicated:
Deucalion - Greece
Manu - India
Fo-Hi - China
Xisthros - Persia
Nota - Mexico
Utnapishtim - Mesopotamia...
Did a global cataclysm (including flood) wipe out human life and perhaps Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu). This catastrophic account can be found in Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea (Mesopotamia), Greece, Arcadia, Rome, Scandinavia, Germany, Lithuania, Transylvania, Turkey, Persia, China, New Zealand, Siberia, Burma, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Sumatra, in Islamic and Celtic lore and among native peoples throughout North South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific continent.
Sir Fred Hoyle 1915--2001) suggested the Darwin theory of evolution is unlikely and, therefore, life must be the product of purposeful intelligence. Today, conventional wisdom tends to keep investigation of human derivation caught between the parameters of Adam's Rib and Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Let's widen the investigation of possibility...
Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty: The Origin of Fossil Fuel & Peak Oil

Göbeklitepe Study 34
100cm x 62cm
The Drones At Göbellitepe

Lou Reed: "I feel healed in the Drones!"
Ancient sites have long been associated with rock music. Is it a frequency thing? Is it an earthly primordial connection? American rock 'n' roll star Lou Reed contrived a project exploring vibration using electric guitar feedback, continued today by his friend and colleague Stewart Hurwood. So, I've placed Lou Reed within Göbeklitepe and aligning turkey with new York, USA:

Göbeklitepe Study 35
31cm x 70cm
Penguin, Great Auk Or What?

Yet another figure found upon the surface of the Göbeklitepe stones. What is it? Why? I don't know. It just is.

Göbeklitepe Study 36
70cm x 50cm
"Hmmm. Humans!"

I imagine the family of Göbeklitepe stones there in place generation after generation, just quietly there in place, minding their own business, when one day they detect the curiosity of humans and the disturbance of their peace and quiet.

Göbeklitepe Study 37
32cm x 70cm
History Unplugged

There was MTV Unplugged...
This is history unplugged; reassessed; revised; a human time line game changer.

Göbeklitepe Study 38
70cm x 50cm
Göbeklitepe Wireless

Today's internet wireless icon motifs radiate signal waves. I imagine the T-shapes of Göbelitepe radiating signals of information alerting Turkey and the world to this new found discovery and the associated messages and revelations.

Göbeklitepe Study 39
70cm x 50cm
Back To Dust

Quantum physics suggests the observer affects the outcome. Unobserved, the Göbeklitepe family existed in their own animated reality. As soon as humans unveiled their peaceful privacy, things changed and their existence had to return to one of apparent dormancy; back to a perceived state of lifelessness: unto dust shalt thou return.

Göbeklitepe Study 40
50cm x 70cm
Göbeklitepe Gatherers 02

More Göbeklitepe women harvesting and gathering local crops.

Göbeklitepe Study 41
50cm x 70cm
Göbeklitepe Gatherer 03

Göbeklitepe Study 42
50cm x 70cm
Aswan Unfinished Obelisk (Egypt)

Another monolithic stone. This unfinished obelisk is the largest known ancient obelisk and is located in the northern region of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt in Aswan (Assuan), Egypt. It was apparently ordered by Hatshepsut (1508–1458 BC). Again, what was the exact purpose of these obelisks? They are found in major city centres from Rome to London, Washington DC and Istanbul.

Göbeklitepe Study 43
50cm x 36cm
Klaus Schmidt

Klaus Schmidt, the German archaeologist who led excavations at Göbeklitepe.

Göbeklitepe Study 44
70cm x 50cm
Here a H, There a H - Nubian Kushite Pyramids

The 'H' figure is found as a carved symbol at Göbeklitepe and as a constructed element in Nubian Kushite Pyramids; the Göbeklitepe 'H' shown here bottom and the Nubian entrances atop. It is commonly found at various sites. Why? One suggestion is it is the phonetic sound 'hay' when breathing out during prayer. Yet again, I don't know exactly, but it is here, there and else where.

Göbeklitepe Study 45
76cm x 76cm
7 Renkli Göbeklitepe

I have painted many images with the 7 colours of the rainbow since the days of Rainbow Bridge:
So, a Ned 7 Renkli Göbeklitepe seemed appropriate.

Göbeklitepe Study 46
152.50cm x 91cm
There's No Tomb Here Lara

Lara Croft is a hero of modern ages; a computer sensation running amok ancient sites. Lara at Göbelitepe came mind; perhaps herself a potential catalyst to introducing this site to a wider audience.

Göbeklitepe Study 47
100cm x 70cm
Fire & Water

The source of inspiration for this painting... Şanliurfa is said to be the birth place of Abraham; known as the father of the 3 Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The story has it that because of his monotheistic belief, Abraham was thrown into a fire by Nimrod. A miracle transpired turning the fire into water and burning coals into fish. The site of this miracle is today a tourist attraction: Balıklıgöl: Pool of the Sacred Fish.

Göbeklitepe Study 48
70cm x 50cm

The constellation of Orion is said to be related to the design and placing of many ancient sites. For example, 'The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has been recognised on an ivory tablet some 32,500 years old'.
I would not be surprised if Orion were some how somewhere included within the Göbeklitepe site.

Göbeklitepe Study 49
50cm x 70cm
Harran Pow Wow

Here ı have placed the pillars of Göbeklitepe nearby the traditional houses of Harran with a congregation of local people, perhaps celebrating a wedding or festival of some kind. Indeed, another pow-wow.

Göbeklitepe Study 50
152.50cm x 91cm
International History Unplugged

This time the unplugged theme brings together Turkey's Göbeklitpe, Egypt's Pyramids, England's Stonehenge and the artist's name: spot the Ned.

Göbeklitepe Study 51
76cm x 76cm
Different Place Same Hands

Various figures at various sites of antiquity around the world present a similar and even identical positioning of hands at waist level.

Göbeklitepe Study 52
13cm x 70cm
Harran Dance 01

Göbeklitepe Study 53
13cm x 70cm
Harran Dance 02

Göbeklitepe Study 54
30cm x 70cm
Harran Dance 03

All the above depict the traditional line dancing of the Harran people. Were they doing something similar in the heydays of Göbeklitepe?

Göbeklitepe Study 55
70cm x 16cm
Hands Together

A close-up detail of the front of  Göbeklitepe T-shape portraying the positioning of hands at waist level.

Göbeklitepe Study 56
28cm x 100cm
Harran Dance 04

Göbeklitepe Study 57
10cm x 76cm
Harran Dance 05

More traditional line dancing.

Göbeklitepe Study 58
76cm x 76cm
The Towie Stone

This was brought to my attention by James Swagger who suggests it is symbolic of a platonic solid:
This carved stone ball was found at Towie in Aberdeenshire. It dates from between 3200 and 2500 BC. Many functions have been suggested for these objects. Whatever their function, they were prestigious possessions, symbols of power.
The ball has four knobs, three of them decorated with spirals or dots and rings. The designs closely resemble those pecked into the stones of the massive passage tomb at Newgrange in Ireland. They probably had a sacred, symbolic significance.
Carved stone balls are distinctly Scottish objects, with over 425 known. Most have been found in Aberdeenshire. They are similar in size and a few are decorated with spirals and curved motifs, as is this example. The Towie ball is exceptionally fine.

Göbeklitepe Study 59
152cm x 91cm
Peace Lara! Peace!

A Göbeklitepe T-shape blocking the danger of Lara croft's dangerous gun.

Göbeklitepe Study 60
50cm x 70cm
Anyone Older Than 5000?

Professor Robert M. Schoch proposed the Giza Sphinx may date back to 10,000–5,000 BC. The archaeological establishment denied such a possibility, pointing out there was no proof of sophisticated architecture older than 5,000. Suddenly, along came Göbeklitepe.

Göbeklitepe Study 61
152cm x 91cm
The First Turkish Bath?

What is the central area within the Göbeklitepe circles were flooded and enabled bathing? In effect, the first Turkish bath! It's a fun thought.

Göbeklitepe Study 62
123cm x 92cm
Avebury Standing Energy Stone

One of the standing stones at the Avebury Ring, Wiltshire, UK. As Göbeklitepe is examined and studied, so too will  this famous English site be more deeply contemplated. Maria Wheatley suggests once upon a time humans could hear a wider spectrum of sound waves and were perhaps able to detect the frequency resonated by these stones. The frequency has been measured apparently the resonation varies up and down the stone.

Göbeklitepe Study 63
153cm x 92cm
Lara Selfie At Göbeklitepe

More Lara!

Göbeklitepe Study 64
153cm x 91.5cm
Turkey's Historic Architecture

Hağia Sofya, Cappedocia and Göbelitepe. 3 of the major sites of antiquity illustrating various architectural types in Turkey.

Göbeklitepe Study 65
40cm x 40cm
Gobeklitepe Coin 01

Göbeklitepe Study 66
40cm x 40cm
Gobeklitepe Coin 02

It was suggested I paint, create a Göbeklitepe coin, though there not have been coins then, never the less, a bit of fun....
From East Anglia To Istanbul....
Godfrey Pratt Finds Byzantine Coin In Norfolk Field
Metal detectorist finds rare 6th Century coin pendant in field near Attleborough

Göbeklitepe Study 67
114cm x 92cm
The Smoking Gun

Quarks? Gluons? Dark matter? Dark Energy? The big band theory? Watch...
John Anthony West suggests Göbeklitepe is a smoking gun.
Wallace Thornhill: The Elegant Simplicity of the Electric Universe:
“As the tyrannical regime in Orwell’s 1984 understood,
‘Who controls the past controls the future.’
It is essential to continue to fight for the right to own our history."
The Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot, Acknowledgments p. xii

Göbeklitepe Study 68
624cm x 153m
Dance, Then, Where Ever You May Be

Lord of the Dance
There is no enabling except with and by God

Göbeklitepe Study 69
16cm x 76cm
Göbeklitepe Red Blob

Just for fun...

Göbeklitepe Study 70
91cm x 152cm
What on earth are you doing here?

Dinosaurs at the same place, same time as Göbeklitepe and a UFO to boot? Who knows? I wasn't there and neither were you.

Göbeklitepe Study 71
122cm x 91.5cm
Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe Formula 1 or TT Race or Tramvay... as you like it.

This is inspired by a 5,000-year-old toy found in child's grave in Şanlıurfa:

Göbeklitepe Study 72
152cm x 91cm
Mr. T

Göbeklitepe Study 73
152cm x 91cm
T For Two

Mr. T and T For Two side by side...

Göbeklitepe Study 74
122cm x 91.5cm
T Time In Wonderland

In Turkish the tea man / woman is called a çaycı; 'cı' is added to çay. My thought patterns went from 'T' to tea to T-ci, though apparently it should be T cetveli or T ruler? I did not understand this version of Turkish grammar theory in a message sent to me, so I am calling this painting: T Time In Wonderland.
I grew up understanding tea time was 4 o'clock. In Turkey I have been told it's 5 o'clock. I tell them I am English. so I know! It's 4 o' clock aptal! ... aptal = stupid.
It seems appropriate as we go down the rabbit hole... Alice in wonderland, the white rabbit, the Mad Hatter and tea served by a T, which in the rabbit hole world of things of course is an animated being. "What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Hole.Documentary 2006"

Ned Pamphilon.